Monday, 27 August 2012

Guidelines For Planning Your Holidays

We all have stress in our life, be it personal or professional. A holiday is a time when we can refresh ourselves, take a break from routine life and recharge our batteries. Everybody wants to have a great holiday. Here are few guidelines which you can follow to make your holidays memorable, enjoyable and stress-free.

Holiday Mood: Before going on a holiday, get in a holiday mood. Please don’t carry your work pressure with you on your holiday. Ensure that you can complete all pending tasks, assign responsibilities to others to manage work in your absence, so that the need to disturb you during your vacation is minimal.

Budget: This is one of most important parts of your holiday planning. Your budget should be realistic and reasonable so that you can plan your holiday as per your choice. Decisions regarding destination, trip duration also depend on your budget.

Destination: It is always better to have a broad idea of the type of destination you are looking for (beach destination, hill station etc.) Also, destination selection would also depend on people who are accompanying on the trip i.e. whether you are going with friends or family. Factors such as sightseeing activities, best time to visit the place etc. are imperative in making final decision. You can take suggestions from your co-workers, friends, travel agents or research on travel websites.

Mode of Transport: The mode of transport can have huge impact on your budget and hence it is important to decide that in advance. If you want to opt for road transport, then check the roadmap. If going by air, booking in advance may lead to considerable cost savings. Also, for air tickets, always check whether you are booking refundable or non-refundable tickets. Though refundable ticket may cost little extra, but it may result in small loss in case of last-minute cancellations.

Mode of Booking: You can book your travel through a website or through a travel agent. In both cases, make sure that you understand the cancellation and rescheduling policies. Always look out for hidden costs in the packages. Though a package may appear cheap on the face of it, but you may end up paying hefty charges in taxes, tips etc.

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