Saturday, 25 August 2012

Things To Look Out For While Booking Travel Services Online

The internet is flooded with travel sites offering air tickets, hotels, holidays. We all have at some point purchased some travel related service online. However, there are several pitfalls in online bookings, if you are not careful. Here are some of the things to look out for while booking air tickets/hotels/packages online:

• Always look at the total price - Very often the advertized price excludes taxes, surcharges, credit card transaction charges and many other charges. After you add up all these charges, the price nowhere remains even close to what you started with. Therefore, clearly understand the pricing before investing more time in your chosen option.

• Understand the terms and conditions in highly discounted deals - Usually the deals that are very attractively priced have stringent penalty clauses on cancellation/rescheduling. Several times, the booking is completely non-refundable on cancellation. Therefore, if you want to factor in any last minute changes or need flexibility, make sure that you understand if that package/ticket offers you that option, at a reasonable cost.

• Availability – Choose sites that provide accurate information upfront. There are several sites that advertize very attractively priced tickets/hotels/holidays and when you navigate to the end after investing significant amount of time, you find that the offer is no longer available.

• Compare apples to apples - A holiday package to the same destination can have unlimited number of variants. When comparing two packages, be sure to understand the inclusions, hotel categories, nature of transfers (individual versus group), entry tickets to attractions, and other features before looking at the price. Sometimes, a seemingly cheap package has so many exclusions that after adding on even the most basic features, the price becomes very high.
Therefore, while comparing multiple packages for the same destination, make sure the features/inclusions are the same

By taking care of the things mentioned above, you can ensure that you truly find the best and ideally suited deal online, and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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