Monday, 27 August 2012

Tips for Travel

Travel in India has increased significantly over the last few years. There is a wide variety of travelers – those who travel for business and those who travel for pleasure, those who travel often and those who make just a few trips in a year, those who travel on a budget and those who travel in luxury, and so on.

Every journey begins with a hope and expectation of experiencing a new destination and creating new memories. Travel may cause excitement in some and anxiety in some others. However, travel that begins in planning is often more relaxing and enjoyable.

Following are a few ways in which you can have a great trip, alone or with your family:

For a short business trip, garment bags are regarded as the most comfortable, but if you are traveling with your family and plan a long vacation then, wheeled luggage will serve the right purpose.

If it is a business trip, then bring one suit and several pieces like shirts and ties to change the look of the shirt. Ladies can carry a skirt and a pair of formal pants along with different blouses.

A long flight or a short one, try not carrying more than two travel bags per person - one bag to be used for clothes and shoes and the other one for keeping important documents, files, passport etc.

Avoid taking cash and unnecessary jewellery as it increases responsibility and risk of loss.

Cameras are a must for those who love traveling. Professionals always carry their laptops and multi-media phones. Besides these few very important expensive gadgets, avoid carrying any other valuable gadgets.

Before starting to pack, research on the climatic condition of the place you are going to, so that appropriate clothes can be carried and unwanted junk can be left back home.

If you are planning to carry shoes, then make sure that the shoes are stuffed with old pair of socks and kept inside air-tight plastic bags. This will keep your travel bag odor free and your shoes also won’t get crushed.

Call your hotel ahead of time (if a traveling agency is not involved) to avoid any last minute confusion.

These few suggestions will only help you to enjoy your trip even more, after all traveling light is better than traveling over burdened!

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