Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Travel getaways in rural India

Even today almost 70% of India’s population lives in its villages and with the exception of a one odd movie like ‘Swades’ or ‘Peepli Live’ one hardly gets to catch a glimpse of what an authentic rural life in India is like. The average urban Indian is clueless about the ways of a villager and a short trip to the rural hinterland can be very informative for those looking to do something offbeat.

A travel to rural India will help you take a closer look at a life much different from the humdrum of an urbane metropolis. Village activities, with their hukkas, chaupals, katai-batai etc. are relatively free from the pandemonium and entropy of a city routine. The pace of life is slower and one gets to appreciate the harmonious elements of nature. An offbeat travel to India’s rural hinterland will make you saunter along fields, maybe take a plunge in the local pond, count stars in the clear skies and sample the rustic culinary fare.

Given the incredible geographical diversity of India, villages can be in the hills, plains, forests or even islands so a travel destination in rural India can take you to any of these places. Be it Dariya Gaon – a floating village on the Brahmaputra, Abu Sar – a hamlet in the Thar, Sevagram – an idealistic village adopted by Mahatama Gandhi in Wardha district or the high altitude village of Likir in Ladakh, the choice is diverse and range, mind-boggling!

An offbeat travel destination in India need not be limited to hill stations and beaches, there are many more nooks and crannies waiting to be discovered and going by the latest trend of people wanting to connect with their roots, a travel getaway in rural India is the best way to do something hatke!

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