Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A travel around the globe

Holiday Travel Package
India is teeming with international tourists who can be spotted at many major cities and some rural destinations as well. They are conspicuous with loose clothes, a pair of floaters, a huge backpack (or the Indian jhola), are usually surrounded by a small group of beggars wanting to extract a dollar or two and are as excited about traveling in an auto as in a taxi. 

Great buildings and monuments of India

Famous places
If there is one thing in abundance in India, that is monuments to visit. Given the long, uninterrupted and rich history of the India subcontinent, it is hardly surprising that India should have so many buildings and monuments as a marker of its cultural legacy. Every nook and cranny of this country would have some or the other place of interest for a tourist on an Indian holiday.

Cashing in on affordable student travel savings

Student Travel

It is ironic that when we are youthful, enthusiastic, bold, adventurous and most willing to travel, we are in financial doldrums, and when we’re out of the doldrums, we don’t have time or energy left to travel. This inversely proportionate life graph is quite unfair on the student lot who are ever ready to embark on a journey. Wouldn’t it be nice if travel plans could come with something like student special fares or cheap tickets for students?

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Corporate Travel Management

Corporate Travel
 Some times travel can get tiresome and mechanical, especially if it is not done for the joy of traveling – for instance routine corporate travel trips. For a greenhorn the initial few trips are exciting but as time flies the ebullience dies down and the business aspect of travel takes over. This is not to say that such business travel trips are unproductive, on the contrary they are a very important part of the Commerce industry and must be handled with extreme professionalism.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Travel and Romance

Did you know that the concept of a honeymoon has an Indian connection to it? Surprising yet true… It was an age-old Indian practice for the newlyweds to head off for a tour to visit relatives who couldn’t make it for the wedding. The word honeymoon has many variants in numerous languages and usually conveys the meaning that roughly the first month post marriage is the sweetest. Beyond that, the ‘honey’ starts to wane.

Goa – An ultimate holiday destination

Goa is one of the best holiday destinations India has to offer. It maintains a cool balance between attractive natural beauty and comely resorts to help relax its visitors. Even for those who don’t have the budget for resorts, options are plenitude. The kind of crowd that visits Goa is varied – from college-going young guns to couples with kids, they all love a Goa holiday and Travel to take a break.