Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A travel around the globe

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India is teeming with international tourists who can be spotted at many major cities and some rural destinations as well. They are conspicuous with loose clothes, a pair of floaters, a huge backpack (or the Indian jhola), are usually surrounded by a small group of beggars wanting to extract a dollar or two and are as excited about traveling in an auto as in a taxi. 

Foreigners who choose India as their international holiday destination, all share a common trait – inquisitiveness! They are always keen on knowing our mannerisms, language and culture. Most of them purchase guide books and brush up their Hindi prior to arrival. And this is not peculiar to international tourists coming to India this is a common practice for anyone who decides to undertake an international holiday.

R.L.Stevenson once said, “There are no foreign lands, it is the traveler only who is foreign.” It is an amazing, thought provoking opinion, one that remains with you for life. The world has so much to offer in terms of sight-seeing, that no traveler can claim to have accomplished it comprehensively. Once you set foot on international soil, you realize how tiny and inconspicuous your own state of being is.

The best way to travel extensively is to take a trip around the globe. Many people like to do it on a shoe-string budget and ‘go with the wind’. For others there are always travel companies that offer international holiday packages from their respective countries. These holiday packages are very useful and include the major tourist spots of any desired country. One also has the option of clubbing two or more countries in a package. International holiday packages from India are extremely popular with more and more people expressing the desire to travel.

The foremost conclusion that one can make of it is, that despite the overdose of travel shows on TV, the real deal is always better. So shed your inhibitions and travel on…


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