Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Cashing in on affordable student travel savings

Student Travel

It is ironic that when we are youthful, enthusiastic, bold, adventurous and most willing to travel, we are in financial doldrums, and when we’re out of the doldrums, we don’t have time or energy left to travel. This inversely proportionate life graph is quite unfair on the student lot who are ever ready to embark on a journey. Wouldn’t it be nice if travel plans could come with something like student special fares or cheap tickets for students?

Viola! Open your eyes and embrace affordable tickets for student group tours. An outing with friends is a must do and those who don’t grab this opportunity, miss out on something really special in life. All those who have seen the movie ‘Rang De Basanti’ would vouch for the kind of masti students have with their friends.

So why bury the idea of a group tour? Organise your finances, delve into your student travel savings and dash for a holiday. Laze on the beaches of Goa, traverse the valleys of Kullu-Manali, explore the alleys of Rishikesh and dive into the goodness of Dharamsala. Destination options are many and the fun students have in group tours is manifold.

There are plenty of good reasons to undertake a group tour – It’s that phase of your life when parent’s company is not enjoyed as much as friends’, the thrill of being on your own is unmatched and you’re generally open to the various influences in life that parents won’t always approve of. Not implying you must throw caution to the wind but such trips

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