Monday, 1 October 2012

Goa – An ultimate holiday destination

Goa is one of the best holiday destinations India has to offer. It maintains a cool balance between attractive natural beauty and comely resorts to help relax its visitors. Even for those who don’t have the budget for resorts, options are plenitude. The kind of crowd that visits Goa is varied – from college-going young guns to couples with kids, they all love a Goa holiday and Travel to take a break.

So what is it that makes Goa so special? Is it Konkani flavor, the rush of foreign tourists, the merry making attitude of locals or just the beauty of its coast? Actually it seems like a heady mix of all and once the ball started rolling, tourism began to be taken seriously, facilities followed. Now we have shacks on the beaches, hawkers selling everything from cold drinks to neon lights and a whole state sunk in a festive mood all year round.

Goa hotels have a spectrum that is capable of covering all sorts of touristy requirements, be it a shoestring budget or the most lavish holiday that one can look for. Flights to Goa are packed 365 days a week with advance bookings running into months. What’s even more surprising is that while other holiday destinations have a peak and lean season, that line is fairly blurred for a Goa holiday as more and more people are taking off for this tropical state in the summers and monsoons (said to be the lean season).

The place resonates with music and laughter, people are not judgmental, there’s plenty to see, including forts and churches, lot’s to eat and drink. All in all, it serves your hedonistic desires to the hilt and makes you want to come back for more.

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