Monday, 1 October 2012

Travel and Romance

Did you know that the concept of a honeymoon has an Indian connection to it? Surprising yet true… It was an age-old Indian practice for the newlyweds to head off for a tour to visit relatives who couldn’t make it for the wedding. The word honeymoon has many variants in numerous languages and usually conveys the meaning that roughly the first month post marriage is the sweetest. Beyond that, the ‘honey’ starts to wane.

The argument on whether the sweetness of marriage lasts only for a month can go on and on but what is undeniable in today’s times is that this particular, post wedding, romantic travel has come to occupy a prominent place among marriage festivities. Most couples make elaborate arrangements for and pick their romantic travel destinations themselves. Given the indispensible position a honeymoon has come to acquire, it’s not surprising that most travel agents offer exclusive deals and competitive rates for honeymoon packages. Beaches and hill stations are the most popular choice for honeymoon destinations and during the peak wedding season, one can find countless, love-struck couples at both such locations.

The concept of honeymoon has become so popular now that even married couples opt for holidays dubbed as ‘second honeymoon’ and head to romantic travel destinations for anniversaries etc. It’s reassuring to see people sharing love and commitment in today’s fickle times and gives a sense of faith that even though we might be in the kalyug and that divorce rates are steadily rising but things like romance, wedding, anniversary travel and commitment still exist.

Sharing love has never hurt anyone, has it?

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