Thursday, 28 March 2013

Delhi Sightseeing Tour – How to make the most out of it

Delhi sightseeing
Delhi Sightseeing Tour Delhi, the capital of India is a perfect blend of centuries of evolutionary history, diverse cultural elements and modernisation. As per ancient Indian text The Mahabharata, Delhi is 5000-year old, and it has been the capital city to several empires including Maurya Empire, Gupta dynasty, Delhi Sultanate and  Mughal Empire.  One of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, Delhi was destroyed and rebuilt many times under the rule of various emperors. A Delhi sightseeing tour would be a great experience to explore the impeccable historical monuments, Delhi’s multifaceted culture, sumptuous food and glorious architect by Sir Edwin Lutyens and his colleague Herbert Baker.

Rajasthan Cultural Tour

Rajasthan tour packages
The state of Rajasthan is a land of plentiful, with a history that abounds everywhere to its credit. Over the years, it has been a fairly popular tourist attraction for people all over the world, and with so many tour packages and holiday packages it is getting increasingly easy to relish the beauty of the state of Rajasthan. Tourism destinations in Rajasthan are getting vivid for the audience through advertisement and popular media.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


What should people do if they desire to travel and see north Indian cultural legacy, T20 style rather than the Test series way? Simple! Book tickets for the Golden Triangle Tour. The Golden Triangle trip is a travel itinerary that will take you around the three cities that have witnessed the peak of India’s golden past – Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

Situated at an easy distance of less than300kms from each other, these cities give every visitor a glimpse of three very important ruling dynasties that India has witnessed – Mughal, Rajput and British. Each city is dotted with numerous grand monuments that bear testimony to the building prowess of the mighty rulers that controlled them.