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Goa— Fun Things to do

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Before you embark on your journey to Goa, going through a quick overview of things that you must do there will give you an idea of how to make most out of your Goa visit. Goa, India’s own land of sin, is known for picturesque beaches, crazy tourists, scrumptious wine, wild parties and multi-cuisine foods, but there is a lot more to it. Find out here what it is.

Water sports: Explore your limits of adventure!

The several Goa beaches offer a golden opportunity to the tourists to indulge in adventurous water sports and conquer their fear. From parasailing to jet skiing to sea surfing, Goa offers a  plethora of water sports for every age group. All water activities are supervised by well-trained water sports’ staff, and they will ensure adherence to various safety measures before you try a water sport.

A stint with Old Goa

Your trip to Goa would be incomplete without visiting old Goa’s the Basilica of Bom Jesus, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you are first-time tourist to Goa, explore the tomb and mortal remnants of St. Francis Xavier. Visiting old Goa is like transporting yourself to the time when Portuguese were ruling the smallest Indian state.

Cruising— the ultimate fun in the sea

Hold your lover’s hand and get on board on any sunset or moonlight cruise to closely view spectacular sea at night and witness the glittering sky while lying down on the ship deck. The yachts or ships are beautifully lit up at night and seem to be jewels floating in the sea. You can try your luck once at the casinos of the cruise.

A night on the beach
Sounds tempting Isn’t it? If you are a group of tourists, spend a grand night of endless drinks, electric dance and party at the beach. This is the coolest thing to do in Goa, although, we do not recommend small tourist groups/individual tourists to be on the beach all night long due to safety reasons.

Go Goa!

The fun of exploring Goa on a rented bike cannot be compared with a trip headed by a tourist guide. Rent a bike and ride around Goa’s colorful and little roads and pathways surrounded by paddy field. The roadside stalls and tourists in multi-colored clothes and knickknacks will be an instant mood enhancer, and you will be captivated by Goa’s cheerful and vibrant culture.

Celebrate Christmas in Goa

Goa is a pre-dominantly Christian state which is known to celebrate Christmas in the most frolic way than the rest of the India. Kick up your heels in Goa during Christmas and experience the western festivities and zeal. It might be expensive during Christmas and New Year, but hardly there is any state in India which as enthusiastically welcomes Jesus and a new year as Goa. So let your hair down and party hard in Goa!

Carry all your tunic tops, shorts, bright-colored one piece dresses, half-sleeved shirts and sunglasses to Goa. And, do not forget to take bottles of sunscreen to beat the scorching heat of Goa. Hope you are planning to do all these fun things and more on your next trip to Goa!

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