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How to visit Goa on a Budget

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Goa is by far the most sought after holiday spot in India, but due to its extravagant look and feel one gets the picture that it probably is a very expensive place to holiday at. Goa is in fact one of the most cost effective places for holidaying, and all you need is a young heart and free mind. Yes, we are talking of some adventure.

Reaching Goa
You can reach the state of Goa by train or bus for cost effectiveness. But the best bet is to travel by road from Mumbai or Pune and experience the Konkan area that is sure to take your breath away. Buses ply from Mumbai to Goa remember the film? We only hope that you experience that much fun when on the bus to Goa.
Going around
North Goa – The beaches of North Goa is a good place to have fun when you are looking for some. You can party; hang out amidst crowds, with its beaches – Baga, Calangute, Candolem, Anjuna etc. All the pubs, shopping, party shacks etc are around here.

South Goa – This is the place for a quiet time beside the serene waters of Goa, you will be away from the crowd here. Though this part is also getting crowded, it’s still quieter than North Goa.

Panjim – This is the state capital and you visit this for a city tour, markets, churches etc.

The main concern of people when it comes to budget is where to stay, and Goan shacks are the best option for you. There was a time when people used to opt for huts all the time given the reasonable rates, but slowly the rates are going high, you can get a decent hut/shack if you look around.  Shacks are becoming increasingly popular with the tourists as it is here that one can enjoy the beautiful coast of Goa, and get a tan for free. For those who are not accustomed to heat, it is advisable to get under an umbrella for few minutes to prevented sun burn.

Food and Drinks

You are in Goa, and thus you cannot stay away from sea food, there are many eateries and restaurants lining the beaches and also present in the town where you can get a sumptuous meal. If sea food is what you like then this is your place to be, and you can have all that you like. Also, when you are on a budget trip, and you want a little to drink then Goa is the place. Try the local feni and also the other drinks there are extremely cheap when compared to other states.


Remember that timing is very important when your budget is low. In Goa, the tourist season is from early-mid October to mid-end February, and the peak is of course Christmas and New Years. If you can, avoid these times for a visit as everything turns out to be very expensive then. And Christmas and New Years are maniacal in terms of price. You can visit Goa in late September and end February when the weather is still good; there are lesser tourists and prices still reasonable.

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