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How to save money while traveling to India

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India is a vast land, with a lot to see and a lot to experience. The land is not coherent in anything, with varied languages, cultures, landscape, and weather; in India you will find land, water and hills alike. Such a vast country may sound like an expensive deal, too many new things to do in this vast place, but do not worry travelers always find a way.
Eat Street Food: There is nothing better than trying out a new place’s street food; this is where the charm lies. Go to a place and look at where the local population goes, where they seem to the crowd about. That is your place to eat, forget fancy restaurants and the likes; you can get enough of that in your lifetime. This has two way advantages, one is that it will reduce your expenditure and two; it will give you a taste of the local food.

Back Pack: India is a place where you can backpack; there is nowhere you cannot go backpacking. This is especially true when you are going to the hills of India, the hills of Himachal are a must see, and this is the place to backpack. You save a lot of money and have the best experience ever. Do not forget to visit Dharamshala which is also known as ‘Little Lhasa’.

Stay Cheap: While it is true that having a nice bed to rest at night is always a good deal, you should not however over do on your staying bit. Take up a decent place but do not over indulge unless your mantra is to overindulge. When in Rajasthan do not go to stay at the palace turned hotels, but stay at reasonable places. You must remember that it is important to get your money’s worth, and so search for the best deals. Ask the locals there and they would guide you right away.

No, Malls: We have had enough of malls already so why continue the fixation even in India? India is a mystical land and let the mysteries find you here. You will find that India being a developing nation, such mall and club cultures are creeping in. Do not be lured by it, go the opposite direction. For example,  a place like Delhi can drive you nuts with its night life, but if you go to old Delhi, there you will find the real charm of the city.

The nation of India has many cities, and each city has her own charm if you want to unveil its depth then be more concerned about what is happening beneath all the shine. That is you real deal, for you will save money and have the craziest experience of your life.

Here is an old saying which if followed will let you save money and have the best time,

“When in Rome, do what the Romans do”

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