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Rajasthan Tour: momentary look into olden times in the Lap of the India

The state of Rajasthan has unique cultural and historical significance on the map of India. The largest state in the country, it boasts of royal charm and picturesque attractions. Rajasthan has always been a state of Raja and Maharaja and swank a fascinating history in its splendid forts, spellbindingly beautiful palaces, gorgeous temples and mysteriously marvelous Havelis.

Over the years, it has emerged as a popular tourist attraction, especially among foreigners. To relish the beauty of “the land of the kings”, you can easily get a tour and holiday package in your budget.   Take a look at what you can expect on your Rajasthan trip.

The exquisite villages of Rajasthan
Located in the North-west of India, Rajasthan has overwhelmingly rich culture. To witness its folk culture and festivities, visit the villages in Rajasthan which presents a true picture of its ethnicity, traditions and customs. The Rajasthan music and dance often left the tourists spell bounded due to its sheer simplicity and style.

Exotic Art and Colourful Festivals
Rajasthan takes pride in its exotic art and craft which speaks of its royal past rulers. The art of Rajasthan mainly include handicrafts made of stone, leather, wood, brass, silver, ivory, gold, copper and textiles.  The festivals of Rajasthan are other highlight point of this state; each festival is celebrated with unmatchable zeal and enthusiasm. Fairs are organized in the different parts of the state and include bazaars, folk music performances, folk dances, special cuisine of Rajasthan, and sport events popular in the state. Attending these fairs gives travellers an insight view of Rajasthan’s life and culture.

“Rajasthani” Cuisine
Your Rajasthan tours would be imperfect if you miss its spicy typical food. Dal, baati along with churma is the quintessential Rajasthani food which is readily available on each food stall and restaurants.  Besan ki Missi Puri and Lachedar Parantha with Gatte ki Sabji is another specialty of Rajasthan cuisine. For non-veg lovers, Rajasthan offers dishes prepared with mutton (red meat) and “safed mass” (white meat) with almonds and cashew nuts.

Folk Music and Dance
The folk “Rajasthani” music that we talked of is the depiction of the simple and mundane chores of people of Rajasthan mixed with movements of Indian classical music forms. Panihari, a unique style of singing was promoted by Rajasthani women, who sing it while fetching water from the well.

The Rajasthan’s folk dance is also a medley of both traditional dance forms and ‘desi’ gharanas. Rajasthani Ghoomar Dance is the traditional folk dance which is performed by women during auspicious occasions. Women wear colorful voluminous long skirts known as “ghaghra” and then twirl continuously while making different hand movements.

Your tour package of Rajasthan must be inclusive of Rajasthan wildlife tours, Pilgrimage tours to Ajmer & Pushkar (the only temple of Lord Brahma in India), Rajasthan cultural & heritage tours which take you through various cities of the state such as Jodhpur, Udaipur, the pink city and the capital city of Rajasthan— Jaipur, Camel safari tours, Tiger safari Tours and a trip to Mount Abu (the only hill station of Rajasthan).

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