Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Visiting Mauritius on a budget

Mauritius, an island off the African coast is famous for its captivating culture, crystal clear beaches and natural lagoons. Mauritius which has become a favourite destination of honeymooners and couples has more to it than sunbathing, clear turquoise waters and adventure sports. It is magnificently beautiful and green that let your worries drift away. If you dream to lay on the white sands of the Mauritius beaches, but have budget constraints, we have come up with some points to make it easier for you to visit Mauritius on a budget.
• Cheap airfares can help you a great deal in planning an inexpensive Mauritius holiday deals. With a number of flights to and from Mauritius on a daily basis, you can easily choose an air company which offers cheap tickets to Mauritius. Book the tickets in advance 40 days to save a good amount of money on tickets as immediate booking is costlier than advance booking. Book both sides together to save more!

• Inexpensive accommodation isn’t an issue in Mauritius as there are several cheap hotels. In these guesthouses/hotels, you may not get luxuries of a five-star but will get impeccable services for day-to-day requirements. Book a 3-star accommodation. You can check online the various options for inexpensive accommodation. Booking a room in advance would decrease your cost of accommodation as well as minimizes your hassles of finding and booking a good hotel when you land in Mauritius.

• A vacation without shopping wouldn’t be much fun, but do not be disheartened because of your limited budget. It is because you can engage in duty-free shopping in Mauritius, which will save up to 40 percent of your shopping expenses. The good news is that soon Mauritius is planning to become the world’s first tax-free shopping haven so you can plan more trips to Mauritius in the near future. We suggest you to pick items from local market as it is a bargaining haven for travellers. Here, you can buy everything ranging from sophisticated dresses to handcrafted goods. Never leave an opportunity to bargain with the shopkeepers; here you can easily get things on the desired prices. Mauritius which is well-known for jewellery offers an exquisite range of colourful neck pieces, bracelets and floral earrings in the possible lowest prices. You may also buy items made of Indian jade, Chinese jade, glass, pure silk and cashmere so do not miss a chance to shop in the beautiful Indian Ocean Island.

•  Mauritius is the real house of the worlds most original and exotic food preparations thus tantalize your taste buds with Mauritian delicacies. Instead of dinning on seaside restaurants, you may prefer a local restaurant or a roadside food eatery. These are exceptionally good and hygienic. Savor the scrumptious Creole cuisine, Italian dishes, Chinese delicacies and Indian and French food.  Having your breakfast and lunch at a street snack point and dinner at an inexpensive beach restaurant is a good plan to cut your expenses and enjoy the Mauritian flavour.

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