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Must use checklist for booking a budget hotel in India

Budget hotels in India come in all shapes, sizes and varieties. If you are not careful, you could end up picking the wrong hotel that might spoil your entire trip. Here is a checklist that you must go through before booking a hotel anywhere in India , to ensure best services and stay for the amount of money you will be paying for a hotel room. 

Location of the Hotel

This is the main concern of the travelers. Sometimes, the cheapest hotels have the worst locations. Most travelers prefer a hotel which is near the main sightseeing sites or located in the centre of the city to avoid spending time, effort and money in commuting.  Also, staying in a hotel situated at a few kilometers away from the city’s airport and railway station will help you avoid inconvenience caused by travelling in a new place. So before booking a hotel, check whether it is in the vicinity of the tourist spots, railways and airways. While utilities like Google maps will help you here, sometimes the locations are not accurate and it would be best to check with other travelers or your trusted travel provider

Services offered by the Hotel

In a budget hotel, do not take anything from granted! Even an attached bathroom is optional in budget category. If you end up staying at a hotel which doesn’t provide amenities which you consider basic, then it will lead to frustration and a bitter travel experience. To prevent staying in a hotel which isn’t worth of your hard-earned money, check with the hotel staff or your travel provider in advance for the following facilities:
  • Attached bathroom with hot and cold running water
  • If you are a foreign tourist, whether toilet paper and other toiletries will be available
  • Whether rooms have functional air conditioning/heating
  • Whether 24-hour power backup is available
  • Adequate safety and security arrangements
  • Adequate arrangements by the hotel to meet a medical emergency
  • Wi-Fi/Internet availability
  • Mobile or laptop charging station
  • Dining facility/room service
  • Whether any construction is going on in the hotel


If there are multiple types of room, choose the type carefully. In a budget hotel, you might be better off choosing a higher category room. While choosing a room, you may want to check the following:
  • View from the room
  • Space in the room
  • Twin or double beds in the room
  • Fully-furnished room with clean and polished floors
  • Availability of an extra bed and if it is chargeable or not
  • If any facilities like iron an ironing board, Microwave, Television, Coffee maker and mini Refrigerator are available. Usually none of these is available in budget hotels in India
  • If with children or senior citizens, you would prefer a room closer to reception/lobby area

By doing some homework beforehand, you can increase your chances of having a much relaxed and happy vacation!

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