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Tips for traveling to Mauritius

Are you bored of your daily usual life and greatly need a break! Travelling is the best way to cut down your stress level. Pack your bags and fly down to anyplace of yours' choice. Talking about popular holiday destinations, trip to Mauritius stands as one of the most preferred choice.

Mauritius, officially known as the Republic of Mauritius is an island nation in the Indian Ocean (southeast coast of Africa). Famous as Africa’s wealthiest city, the island is a blend of different cultures, religions, traditions, scenic beauties, languages, historic sights, geographic variation etc; in short a paradise on earth.

Mauritians are bit conservative; so for a tourist, it’s important to respect their values. The following Mauritius travel tips and suggestions will provide a guideline for those who plan for a trip to Mauritius:
  • Prefer the beaches in the west of Mauritius because the beaches there are sandier, the coral reefs are more approachable and the beach road meanders easily along the coast, through the villages of Flic en Flac and Rivière Noir. At the beaches, avoid taking a sunbath topless. Nudity is a no-no in trip to Mauritius. At the beaches the sun is really harsh, so take loads of sun block
  • If you’re not hiring a car, don’t take taxis but go by bus. They travel all over the island and are cheap and   safe as well.
  • If you get suddenly out of cash, you can seek help from the banks. Banking hours- Monday to Thursday: 09:15 to 15:15; Fridays: 09:15 to 15:30; Saturdays: 09:15 to 11:15 (some banks only). Also, there is no limit on the import or export of local or foreign currency as it is a holiday spot
  •  Don't forget to carry readymade snack to eat if you are a vegetarian. As there are people from different places, there may not be multiple options available for vegetarians. For sea-food lovers, it is ‘THE’ place.
  • Visitors to Mauritius holiday are at risk of being infected with dengue fever, which is transmitted by mosquitoes so take some mosquito repellent along.
  •  Avoid wearing shorts or sleeveless shirts when visiting religious shrines and women should carry a scarf. Remove your shoes too (and possibly leather belts). Also, don’t think of touching the statues, carvings and religious artifacts in places of worship
  • Consider buying purchases from the beach hawkers if you are ready to bargain. They sell goods like jewellery, table mats and table cloths, dresses, polo shirts and wicker bags at much cheaper rates.
  •  Drinks and champagne can be expensive so before going for it, think twice. Drugs are anyways harmful, so do not involve in drug trafficking which is totally illegal.
  • Valuable items such as camera, purse, wallet, or handbag; don’t leave them unattended in public places  
  • Shaking hands is the primary form of greeting, so shake hands when you meet locals.
  • While travelling anything can happen so do have travel insurance cover for yourself and your family.
Apart from these suggested travel tips, use your own common sense and presence of mind to travel happily and safely.

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trip to Mauritius

trip to mauritius

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