Saturday, 13 July 2013

How to travel cheap

Traveling is a luxury for the mind and soul, there is a certain romance hidden in this search for the new. Most people tend to find traveling cheap difficult, a budget travel is not an easy fete to achieve, the reason being that traveling includes a lot of things. We tend to imagine that to travel means to burn a hole in our pockets, but is it so? Can’t we enjoy the thrill of a new place without feeling the financial crunch? Here is a look at ten best ways to travel cheap:

Pack Light

There are so many advantages to packing light, to start with you will save the services of a ‘coolie’ if you are traveling by train, and also avert the extra charges for baggage if you are flying. Additionally by packing light you will save yourself the trouble of lifting heavy weight.

Avoid Weekends 

If you are taking the flight then do not be flying on weekends and public holidays as they tend to be more expensive. Book for weekdays and look out for deals that come up from time to time.

Stay Cheap 
You are traveling, you aren’t really thee to enjoy five star luxuries and so be sure to stay at a reasonable costing hotel. In any case if you are really a traveler then you will only want to see and look around when at a new place only to come to the hotel to sleep. Therefore, be sure not to waste money on staying at an expensive hotel.
Package Holidays 

If you are traveling somewhere far then go for package holidays as they happen to be cheaper and includes all the essentials for the particular place. This is however for those who do not mind traveling with a group of strangers. Other than this issue of traveling with random families, there is nothing wrong in traveling through package holidays.
Be a Local 

When you are traveling to a new place, the essence of the place comes out only when you live like a local, so what the locals do and enjoy what is indigenous to that place. Find out the local foods and the local drink and enjoy these local flavours. A lot of things local are also cheap!

Off Seasons 

This is the best time to go if you want things cheaper. Off seasons are those times when people generally do not visit a place, like most travelers prefer hill stations during the summers, so the off season would be winter season. This is the time when hotel and everything would be relatively cheaper.

Do-it-yourself approach 

Try and see things for yourself and avoid any travel guides, do not be lured into some sort of local exotica that would cost you a fortune. Try it for yourself and be creative! Find the shortcuts and the museums for yourself; it is more fun when you do it yourself.



Learn to negotiate and do not be shy when doing so, you are a traveler, not a prince, so it is only normal. You know your own budget and do not surpass that, it is fine to negotiate as you will realize that most times you will get a good deal.

Take Friends Along

You may find this a little difficult, as convincing someone could be a massive task, but never the less you should give a try. Bring a friend along with you for the trip, there are so many things that you could split, and that will bring down your budget to a great extent.
Go Rural

The essence of a new place mostly lies in its rural parts; cities are after all the same. Fancy lights, pubs, and authentic foods at expensive restaurants, so why the city? You can definitely make a halt to see the cities, but head to the rural areas for the real and cheaper deal.

For the most budget conscious and adventure travelers, there is always backpacking. Share with us your ideas for saving money!

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