Monday, 20 July 2015

Tips for Booking Weekend Getaways

There is nothing more blissful then a short weekend getaway, when you can have all your time to yourself, and unwind in an almost heavenly manner without disturbing your office schedule. In fact, a weekend getaway can also sum up to be a mini honeymoon for you and your spouse! What’s more? More often than not such getaways are rather easy on the pocket and travelling to a destination that is close at hand doesn’t prove to be tiresome at all. Now that you’re all pepped up for exploring a new destination in the coming weeks, here are a few tips that will help you plan your getaway in a more systematic, economical and needless to say beneficial manner.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Quick Getaways from Delhi under RS 5000

While many like to enjoy their vacation in an opulent manner, a large majority of us usually like to sneak out for a casual getaway with the family and have a decent time. Surprisingly, you can now do so, that too without burning a hole in your pocket! Here’s a quick look at the wondrous destinations that are all at close quarters from New Delhi, and are promising as well!

1.Tree House Hotel Club & Spa, Bhiwadi

Located at around 80 kilometres from Delhi, this plush hotel has all that it takes to spend a gratifying vacation with the family. Right from a lavish swimming pool to its relaxing steam and sauna, not to forget the sprawling courts for badminton, squash and lawn tennis, this place is as enjoyable as it can get. And, while you’re busy getting a rejuvenating spa, your little ones can always have a fun-filled time in the dedicated kids play room! Now, what more could you’ve asked for!