Friday, 21 August 2015

Monsoon Sojourn to Kerala

Summer seems to have long gone, and the winter holidays are still too far, and you’re already itching to enjoy a laid-back vacation, far from the cacophony of the bustling city life! Now here’s an idea that will not just bring a smile to your subdued face, but in fact make you feel ecstatic! Wondering how is that possible? Well, we wouldn’t keep you guessing for long! The answer to your yearning lies in God’s Own Country, Kerala!
Experience the lush greens of the layered landscape and revel in the turquoise waters of the exhilarating sea coast! Repose in a lovely boat on the tranquil backwaters and take in the lasting aromas of the plethora of tea and spices that the blissful environs offer. Take an amble on the golden sands of the beaches and let yourself loose in the soul-quenching experience of this placid land!
Now that you’re lured enough to set foot on this veritable paradise for travelers, take a quick look at how to make this monsoon getaway a memorable one! For starters make sure you plan your trip from anywhere between Mid-May to Early-October. The reason that we underscore this period is because it will help you earn some serendipitous brownie-points at every step!

Reasons to Visit Kerala during Monsoons

Great Discounts

Visiting this stupendous destination in monsoon will help you earn huge discounts, up to as much as a straight 50% and hence luxury will, for a change, come to you an unbelievably low cost!

Capacious Environs

Unlike the rest of the year which makes the place a little too crowded, the monsoon season will ensure that you luxuriate your vacation in complete quietude since not many people come around for a getaway at this time of the year!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

6 Offbeat Places to Explore In Kerala

If you’re afflicted with a deep sense of wanderlust, Kerala is the perfect place to cure your ailment. And no, you do not need confine your long awaited sojourn to the popular destinations like Kochi, Munnar and Trivandrum. In fact, this time around take the road less travelled, and soak up in the rustic lanes, unsullied history and the eccentric whiff of spices of this celebrated land. Set foot on this invigorating expedition and experience the marvel that God’s Own Country has to offer!