Wednesday, 23 September 2015

6 Places to Visit This November!

Summers are long gone, and if you’re afflicted with a deep sense of wanderlust, then what better than the month of November to cure your ailment! After all it is the month where monsoons have already bid adieu and the winters are yet to arrive. Now that you know this is, in all probability a great time for a raring holiday, let’s take a look on which destinations are at their best during this month of the year!

Coorg, a hill station, awe-inspiringly placed in Karnataka, is as perfect as it can get. Its lush terrains and untainted idyllic surroundings, will help you rejuvenate in the mellowest way possible.  Not to forget, the chief harvest festival, known as Puttari is celebrated at this time of year and entails a weeklong preparation. With invigorating ceremonies and toothsome delicacies, this festival is worth being a part of!